Like most things, shingle roofing also has a life span and regular servicing helps to ensure that it lives up to its full expectancy. Traditional asphalt and fibreglass are some of the most common materials used for shingle roofing. Over clogged gutters can harm the roofing, in this case, contact your Burlington eavestrough repair. Here are some of the common signs which you should look out for that would help to know whether it is time to repair your shingle roofing or not.

  1. Curling or Clawing Shingles:

By the time the shingle roofing approach their full-service life, they begin to show signs of deterioration like curling and clawing. In this case, you must hire a contractor to repair the roof. Curling usually happens when the ends of the shingles begin to curl back but the centre of the shingle continues to remain flat. The probability of curling increases when exposed to extreme heat. When the shingles curl they could expose the roofing material to wind and ice damage. They would also become susceptible to breakage and can easily come out if there is a strong wind. To prevent damage replace the curled shingle immediately.

  1. Granule Loss:

Mineral granules have adhered to the surface of each shingle which helps to protect it from the weather in general. Granule loss is common in asphalt shingles. The more the loss of the coating, the lesser the lifespan of the shingle. Granule loss occurs fur to multiple reasons like roofing is old and worn out, loss due to hail or other storms, foot traffic and even the use of defective roofing product during installation. You will be able to find small mineral granules in the gutter and downspouts. If these mineral granules suddenly start to appear, then it could be a sign that the roofing is severely damaged and might need complete replacement.

  1. Buckling:

Buckling shingles are a cayuse of serious roof leak as they leave the underlying wooden portion of the roof open to moisture. This causes rotting and deterioration. Poor workmanship could be one of the main reasons why the shingles are starting to buckle. Roof Sheathing is a layer underneath the shingles which is made out of plywood. These pieces of sheathing could be properly spaced so that whenever the temperatures start to fluctuate, they have the room to expand and contract. If the sheathing has not been installed with proper spacing, then when the plywood expands it could push the shingles out of its place.

  1. Damaged Flashing:

Roof flashings are thin and durable strips which seal the joints and gaps in the roof and help to prevent water damage to your home. Flashings can be found along the roof ridges or the roof valleys and skylights. They are made from waterproof materials like felt, rubber or plastic. Sometimes it is also made out of rust-resistant materials like copper and galvanized steel.

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