Autumn Pest Control Tips

Autumn is an excellent season with cooler temperatures and the holidays right around the corner. However, the fall season also sees insect infestation in homes and businesses across the nation. As the temperatures dip, you will find bugs of all species congregating in warm, arid areas for protection and procreation. Of course, these areas tend to be residential and commercial establishments with accessible entrance and exits for insects looking for shelter and food.You can make your life easier when you hire pest control experts to deal with these infestation.

If you want to prevent mice, spiders, and other bugs from infesting your properties, it is essential to set up formidable lines of defenses. This includes effective pest-fighting strategies like getting the interiors and exteriors of your property sprayed at least once a month. Local pest control specialists can rid your home or business of ant mounds, hornet nests, wasp nests, termites, silverfish, and even bed bugs and other nocturnal critters.

It is crucial to close the entryways that let insects get past your defenses with the fall upon us. Make sure all windows in basements are closed and look for gaping holes in window screens. If they are present, replace them with new screens so mosquitoes, flies, and other insects can not fly into your properties freely — especially when you open and close the windows.

Use masking tape to seal up any susceptible areas in the siding of your windows. The same also goes for weatherproofing your main doors and kitchen doors. Make sure to have your garage sprayed when the technician performs his or her duties monthly. This is a great way to create a barrier that keeps nagging insects out all autumn long. As always, make sure there are good traps for vermin and rodents. Mice and rat traps and sticky pads in basements will catch and eliminate these dangerous, disease-carrying predators onsite. Also, check for beehives in crawlspaces, basements, garages, and especially attics. If any are present, contact a pest control company at once and do not attempt to ride these hives on your own.

It is also important to check all the vents in your home. If possible, have your HVAC ducts cleaned within time and budget. This will remove any dead insects and their carcasses from the vents in your home or business. Breathing in this air is dangerous as the insects can cause a range of respiratory problems and illnesses. Using mesh filters are great for securing proper, clean airflow but preventing insects from entering your home from the ceilings or sidewalls.

As always, keep all food containers closed and sealed when not in use. Insects love to feed on food crumbs causing infestation and unsanitary conditions in your kitchen. Also, check the moisture level in your home and set it to an appropriate value. Too much moisture can attract bugs and critters, so it’s essential to keep these levels in normal settings.

Autumn is a fun season with so many activities for the entire family. Do not let pests spoil your family gatherings and holidays. Take preventative measures and have a professional pest control specialist, like these Marietta GA exterminators, check your home or business for today’s infestation issues. You can also save a lot of money and time with the right contractor or company in your area.


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