Beginner’s Guide to Landscaping Design and Maintenance Services in Singapore

Guide to Landscaping Design and Maintenance Services

If you’re considering hiring a specialist landscape service to assist with your landscape maintenance needs, it’s important that you appreciate the various options available. Several of the most frequently used services are described here.

General Beds Maintenance/Detailing

These landscaping maintenance services involve weeding, trimming/controlling ground cover, removing debris, removing spent blooms, and inspecting and removing browning leaves and branches. This is an important service because it means that the lawn retains its curb appeal throughout the year.


Pruning and hedging at the appropriate time of year is critical for plant health and bloom results. Through retaining the services of an expert, you will ensure that plants are pruned at the optimal time for their organisms. (Hydrangea is an excellent example of a plant that can be tended by experts or experienced gardeners.) Pruning is used to preserve the shape or size of the plant, to remove spent blooms, to remove dead or diseased limbs, and to encourage growth. Hedging is traditionally described as the shaping of plants into geometric shapes. Both are critical components of the landscape.

Protect and Feed Your Landscape Plants

Plants obtain their nutrients from the earth. Certain plants are classified as “heavy feeders.” This ensures they extract a large amount of nutrients from the soil. Boxwood was referred to as “heavy feeders.” By using a plant feed/protect package in your landscaping design on a proactive basis, you’ll get feedings tailored to your plants and soil. Additionally, you’ll get disease and pest control services to avert common problems. This includes black-spot, other types of mildew, bag-worms, and aphids, among others. This varies according to the service kit, but is important for healthy plants.

Protect and Feed Your Lawn

Chemical systems for lawns feed the grass while also protecting it from a variety of pests and pathogens, including grubs, brown patch, and other fungal problems. The majority of systems consist of five or seven steps that are implemented at the optimal time of year for your turf. Since weather conditions and irrigation have an effect on turf, they must be addressed in accordance with the turf management software. Additional applications are sometimes needed to manage moisture-related problems during exceptionally wet years.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up

A more thorough cleaning that covers all of the above including perennial and grass splitting, bed edging, mulch raking, and seasonal perennial trim down. These programs equate to a one- to three-times-per-year “extreme cleaning” of the landscape with Singapore garden cleaning company

Start-Up/Shut-Down of Irrigation System

Most repair contracts include irrigation start-up and shut-down. Although everybody turns on their irrigation system in the spring (if they have one), not everyone winterizes it. Without the water being blown out of the lines, it will freeze and spread, causing damage to their system during freezing weather. The harm is frequently more costly than just maintaining the machine and adequately winterizing it.


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