Can You Really Have A Clean House Even When You Have A Pet?

Pets are excellent additions to any household. When you choose the right one, you can have an animal that teaches you a lot about life while being a close friend that you love and adore. The problem is their cleanliness. Sadly, animals are outdoor creatures and they like to bring their activities inside. Whether it means bringing home something they’ve killed, walking in dirt, or going to the toilet on the living room rug, you’ve got an issue on your hands.

The solution is to create a pet-proof home that limits the damage. Here are some of the tricks of the trade that will help.


Bu A Pet That Doesn’t Moult

Anything with a thick coat is going to moult and shed its hair all over the house. Thankfully, you can get pets that don’t shed their skin like a snake. If you’re obsessed with dogs, quite a few terriers don’t leave strands of hair on the furniture because they are hypoallergenic. A Shih Tzu or a poodle another is an alternative – check out Homes Alive Pets for a comprehensive list. For those of you that aren’t bothered about the breed, you can pick something without a coat. A turtle won’t dirty your home, and neither will a gerbil or hamster that you keep in a cage.

Look After Their Diet

Sometimes, it’s not the animal’s fault. As the owner, it’s up to you to make sure their insides are as healthy as their exterior. Feeding your pet anything from the standard dog or cat food to scraps from the dinner table isn’t the right choice as it could upset their stomach. And, they won’t run outside for a number one or two no matter how well-trained they are. Barking Heads is a fantastic source of healthy and nutritious recipes that will ensure your pet’s stomach is iron-clad. That way, there’s no reason to fret over a nasty surprise waiting for you at home!

Cover Up

You can blame uncleanliness on the animal or you can accept it’s a fact of owning a pet. Once you do the latter, you can take steps to minimise the damage by covering everything of value. A sofa, for example, is protected when it has a sheet that stops dirt from getting into the fabric. Alternatively, you can decorate with your pet in mind. Laying hardwood or laminate flooring, for instance, makes cleaning up after them easier than picking it out of a thick, tangled shag pile.

Wash them Regularly

It’s simple to prevent their cleanliness from escalating out of control if you wash them regularly. Most owners do it after a long walk or when they start to smell, but then it’s too late. Why? It’s because your pet has already been inside the house giving off odours and walking in grime. A weekly wash will not only reduce the amount of dirt in your home, but it will also strengthen their fur. By doing this, they should suffer from fewer health problems, which means they won’t spread as many bacteria.

To pet-proof a home isn’t a walk in the park, yet these tips make it more manageable.


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