Common Reasons Behind Garage Door Opening or Shutting Without Control

It seems to be quite scary for you to find out that the garage door is automatically opened and get closed. The scenario is more like the scenes of the any Hollywood horror film where the garage door falls automatically when you are inside.

Well, there is no point of getting scared of though. It’s something that keeps on happening to a lot of people. However, the reason behind it can be many.

Go through the following to learn about the common reasons behind this weird but common phenomenon as listed by the professionals of garage door repairs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

The Remote Controller is Worn Out :

In some cases, you may find the buttons of your old garage door are worn out, and that’s why it got stuck. The same thing can happen with the wall panel used for garage doors too. In this scenario, the wisest decision on your part will be to replace the old remote with a new one. Just make sure that the new remote works the same way the old one used to do.

Excessive Power Surge:

According to the experts of garage door repairs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the massive lighting or rainstorm is not only responsible for damaging the home appliances, but it can similarly harm the garage door opener. Even if the opener is in good condition, the rolling codes can get jumbled up, and it’s too difficult to revive the codes again. The only solution in such a scenario is to call up a professional.

Issues with Circuit Board:

The prime issue behind the door getting shut down or opening untimely can be the faulty circuit board. When there is a problem with a worn out or damaged circuit board, the best way to deal with it is to replace the entire circuit board with a new one. And, you may not need any garage door repairing professional for that as the right electrician can do it for you.

The Motor Problems:

The reliable professionals of garage door repairs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney often get complaints about the faulty motors of the automatic garage doors. Well, the motors are not always beyond fix up, but you must do it if there is no alternative option. Issues with the wiring of the motor can also be one of the reasons that the professionals address. Otherwise, you can call for the local electrician to do that job.

Conclusion :

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, another standard solution to this problem can be upgrading the garage door. If your existing garage door has passed a few years already or the frequency of use is too much, you should consider upgrading it with the assistance from the professionals of garage door repairs in eastern suburbs of Sydney. It can cost you a reasonable amount of money, but you can reap the benefits for long. And, yes! There is no need to be scared off when the door is opening or shutting down automatically.

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