Design ideas to make custom pillow covers

Bright and tastefully designed pillow covers rejuvenate even the most boring looking sofas, couches and beds. Custom pillow covers open up a wide range of designs and colours as per the personal preferences of people. You can make custom pillow covers to impart a personalised look to your home or for gifting to friends and family. There is no dearth of design ideas for making custom pillow covers. You can pick the designs as per the decor of your room or the preferences of your friends or family members if you want to create custom pillow covers for gifting purposes.

Consider the following designs to make custom pillow covers.

Luggage Tag

This is a unique type of custom pillow cover design. This type of pillow cover is made using burlap and map fabric. Principal features are as follows.

  • Personalised due to the luggage tag bearing the name and favourite destination of the person for whom the pillow cover has been made.
  • Vintage feeling is imparted by the pillow cover.
  • Suitable for people who love travelling.


Tassel pillow cover requires a lot of yarn but is easy to make. There are tutorials available online for making this kind of pillow cover.

  • Many coloured yarns can be taken to make the tassels. There is a lot of freedom to try out various colour combinations.
  • The pillow cover is especially suited to enhance the decor of a kid’s bedroom.

Denim Fish

This is another creative design to make custom pillow covers. Recycled denim from jeans or from some other denim garment and felted sweater fabric are used to make this kind of pillow cover.

  • The body, tail and fins of the fish are crafted using denim fabric while the head is crafted from a felted
  • The scales are stencilled on the fabric body using bleach.
  • Perfect pillow cover design option for seaside homes.


Floral design pillow cover brightens up the room. This type of pillow cover is especially liked by teenage girls.

  • The cover can be made from an old blanket which is not difficult to get.
  • The flowers to be sewed on the cover can be crafted using felted wool obtained from any old wooden felt sweater. The felt wool flowers are very soft.
  • The tassels at the corners can be fashioned from any old denim garment.

Tips for designing custom pillow covers

The following points should be considered when seeking a suitable design to make custom pillow covers.

  • Select one primary colour but opt for different designs such as solid, patterned and striped. This way you incorporate your chosen colour in the pillow cover design but it does not become drab due to absence of uniformity.
  • Designing uniquely textured pillow covers is recommended. However, do not stick to one texture and mix and match various kinds of textures for your pillow covers. For example, a combination of beaded and flowy textured pillow covers imparts an elegant appearance to the room.
  • Texted pillow covers are very much popular. Include inspirational or love quotes in the pillow cover design to make them even more eye catching. A sofa can have multiple texted pillows but a chair should have only such a pillow.
  • Family photos printed on the pillow cover are a very popular personalised design idea. Vintage black and white photos of ancestors can also be printed.


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