Easiest Ways To Unclog Toilet

Although it is a common problem and can happen at any time, a clogged toilet is still something that tends to generate certain disorders for the person. After all, in addition to causing a foul smell and compromising bathroom hygiene, it also makes the place unusable. But, no need to worry, if your toilet is clogged, know that several different homemade tips can help you unclog and they can be done at affordable prices without spending much money.


If the passage of water is being blocked by waste, then a good technique is to pour bleach into the vessel to release the passage. Just pour a good amount of bleach into the pot and wait for about three hours. Then flush to see if it will unclog.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

Another very effective homemade solution to remove the residues obstructing the path is the mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Take a container and mix some vinegar with baking soda. Then pour the mixture straight into the toilet and wait a few minutes. To check if it is unclogged, pour water into the pot and flush.

Water And Detergent

The excellent idea is to mix water and detergent for those who do not want to use aggressive products that can damage the piping. To do this, just put a little detergent in a container with boiling water and pour the mixture into the toilet. Then, to find out if it was unclogged, trigger the flush. If it is still clogged, repeat this same process three more times.

Try With Plunger

The plunger is a traditional and widely used technique, as the object exerts pressure on the water, causing the object to obstruct the passage of water to be eliminated. Place the plunger inside the pot, covering the place where the water passes. Remember that the plunger must be sealed entirely; if necessary, pour more water into the pot to cover the plunger rubber. Then, apply pressure from top to bottom until the passage is unobstructed.

Use A Piece Of Wire

Using a wire piece is a good and straightforward technique to unblock water passage caused by an object or even waste. A wire hanger is also helpful for this; open it up to a “V” shape.

Place the wire inside the pot until it reaches the bottom, move it in all directions until you can unhook the object that is preventing the passage of water and pull it out.

Call A Professional

If even after all these tips you have not been able to unclog your toilet, then the best option is to count on a qualified professional’s help like equal rooter plumbing contractors amongst others.


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