Granite countertops for kitchen: Factors that matter!

Your kitchen needs a functional work area i.e. countertops. Selecting the right material for kitchen countertops can be confusing, considering we have so many choices now. Right from natural materials like natural stone, granite and marble, to ceramic tiles, there is something for every kitchen. In this post, we are discussing further on granite, which is easily a favorite among many homeowners, and before you contact a vendor for granite in Laval, do check the pros and cons listed below.

The beauty and function of granite

If you want countertops that are extremely functional and can be used without a lot of care and attention to daily maintenance, granite does fit the bill. Being a natural material, granite has its own aesthetic appeal and can fit into most interior themes. In fact, it is hard to match the beauty of granite countertops, compared to something like ceramic tiles. Also, durability is never a concern, and chances are high that your granite countertops will last for at least two to three decades, especially if you use a protective sealant. Homes that have granite among the foremost materials always fetch a better sale price, and if you have to clean your countertops, just use a damp cloth and some soapy water.

Granite countertops don’t harbor mold, dust or bacteria and is resistant to heat. If you are cooking and want to place a hot pan, it doesn’t have to be a matter of concern.

Is granite ideal for all kitchens?

Not really. Granite is still better than a lot of countertop materials, but it is not the best choice for everyone. As far as costing is concerned, this is an expensive choice. Also, being a natural material, two slabs of granite may not look the same. If you want to have more than one countertop, you will have to settle for different looks, depending on the material. Note that granite is a heavy material, which means that the countertop may need extra support underneath.

Ask for estimates

If you have decided on granite as a choice for your kitchen, consider getting an estimate in advance. Vendors usually offer free consultation, and you can expect to get assistance for a bunch of different issues, including installation. When you order in bulk for various countertops, you may ask for a discount. Check online now for granite countertops and don’t shy away from discussing things with vendors and suppliers.

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