Home Remodeling Tips for Beginners

A home remodeling project can be daunting for anyone, but if you are a first-time homeowner or just starting to explore how your home could look with some updates, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help make the process less stressful. Read on for some quick pointers.

Decide What Type of Remodeling You Want To Do

There are certain opportunities to give your home an improved look, while still keeping the price down and making it quick and easy. If you want a kitchen makeover, but don’t want to completely tear out everything in it at once, consider just replacing the counter top or cabinets. Or for something more dramatic, such as adding an additional bathroom on to your property, you might consider just adding a new tub and shower to incorporate right over the current one.

Start Small with The Projects

If this is going to be your first remodeling project, start slowly by picking something that can be completed in a weekend or two. This will allow you to get familiar with how everything works and what it takes to work on a home improvement project. If you have never worked with wood before or hired contractors, it is important to learn these things before tackling bigger jobs like painting the entire house or building an addition onto your property.

Plan For Every Opportunity

Any time that you are planning out a major home renovation, it is important that you take into consideration all of those people who are going to be in and out of your home. Hire a contractor or crew that will respect your time while they are working on the project, but also be respectful of those who live in the home all the time, such as children or pets.

Consider Costs

The average cost for most remodeling projects is between $4,000 and $8,000 before installation of new materials and fixtures. This can range anywhere from completely gutting a bathroom to simply changing the tile flooring. It is important to understand that just because you want to redesign something does not mean it has to be expensive; often times finding one simple element that you really love can make an incredible difference. Many times, smaller upgrades can lead to more wear and tear on a property, such as changing out windows or painting the exterior of your home. If you do decide to make a bigger change like this, consider looking into ways to get it done for less money up front and over time.

Easy Projects For Beginners

Some of the easiest remodeling projects are often overlooked by owners who may be new to working on their own home and that can cause them not to take advantage of these opportunities. Smaller updates like cabinet refacing or carpet replacement can be completed in just one weekend without much effort at all. If you want more light in your house and have decided that putting in skylights is the way to go, many times these can be purchased online for around $10 and installed with the help of a rubber mallet in just a few hours.

Returning To Condition

Many times, when working on home improvements, it is easy to get caught up in all the new and exciting additions that you could make, but don’t forget about returning everything back to its original quality when you are done with the project. This can often be overlooked by those who rush through a remodeling job only to find out later how unhappy they still are with their finished product. Before starting any project large or small, go through your house and take pictures as you work so that you know exactly what needs to be repaired after the fact.

Reclaim Your Lifestyle

A major part of any remodeling project is taking inventory of what you like and do not like about the rooms in your home. This is a great way to refocus on what it was that you loved about living in your space, before you started losing interest or became caught up with the idea of updating it for others. Sometimes remodeling can really be a form of self-renewal and getting back to basics can help you identify ways to reclaim your own lifestyle instead of falling into patterns of trying to impress everyone else around you.

Create A New Space

Sometimes the best way to create a new atmosphere in an old room is by adding one simple element such as color or texture. You may have been living with this current layout for years now, but changing out something as small as painting the walls or adding a few pillows to the couch can completely change how you feel about being in that space.

Clean Out Your Closets

Some of the greatest renovations can be made on a very small scale and what could be better than cleaning out your closet? Tossing old clothes, shoes and accessories does not have to make you feel bad because it gives you an opportunity to reorganize all those things that are still perfectly fine but no longer fit into your everyday lifestyle. If there is something that you would love to keep for sentimental reasons but it has never been worn, consider passing it along to someone else who will find good use for it instead of letting it take up valuable space in your home.


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