How Is Commercial Construction Different From Residential Construction?

The construction industry offers necessary service for businesses, municipalities and an individual. One size does not fit all. There is a distinction between the construction of a residential property and a commercial property. Here, we have mentioned some major differences.


Residential construction involves the construction of an apartment, home, or structures for the living of owner or tenant. On the other hand, commercial construction involves construction of office buildings, industrial facilities, and an additional establishment. Stendel Reich is a popular construction firm based in Toronto and Montreal.

Stendel Reich industrial architects have to consider about the various businesses that will be running under a single structure. There is no such consideration for a residential builder as is different in this regard, as he is building the structure for a single-family.

License and Codes

Whether it is commercial construction or residential construction, it should adhere to a specific set of codes and the necessary permits.

The infrastructure requirements for commercial structure have to address a wide range of things that includes safety factors, certification of elevators, elaborate IT and electrical concerns, the development of garages and parking lots. The extent of complexity in dealing with permits and codes is higher in case of the commercial buildings.


Another difference between residential and commercial construction is the material used by the builders for the construction.

The residential market relies on wood as the main material for construction, while for commercial buildings, builders rely more on the steel frame. There is a huge price difference between wood and steel. A steel-based construction is unaffordable for an average homeowner.

Equipment Needed

Both these types of constructions have different requirements in terms of equipment. Commercial constructions are on a large scale as well as size. So, such constructions require specialized equipment like crane and skilled workers for execution of the job. Such types of requirements are not there in creation of residential construction.

Work Speed

The pace at which the construction work gets completed is another differentiating factor between a residential project and a commercial project. Businesses are seen to move at a fast pace as compared to the average homeowner.

This implies that the expectations for project completion in case of commercial clients are set at a high level. This requires larger investments to pay for the right personnel.


Thus, it becomes quite clear that commercial construction is different from residential construction. So, on the basis of your needs you should select a construction firm.


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