How to choose a table lamp for a child?

If your child goes to school, he must do his homework all the time. Usually, the tasks will be completed in the evening, when it is dark enough outside. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the child so that there is no strong eye strain. This is especially true in autumn and winter, when there is little sun and the day is shorter. Basic lighting will definitely not be enough here. A table lamp comes to the rescue. The range of models use to be very wide.

Table lamp for a child: features of choice

Illumination of the workplace is usually done with a table replica atollo lamp. They come in completely different shapes, capacities and can have individual characteristics. When choosing the right model, you must take it seriously.

Table lamps must be of high quality to create a comfortable working environment. Use a base that is heavy enough to ensure stability. Fortunately, the choice of lamps today is quite large, and there is always a table lamp, the price of which will be acceptable for everyone.

The quality of a table lamp is determined by a number of indicators, which include:

Material from which the table lamp for children is made (only high quality materials should be selected to avoid further damage or other problems during use).

The type and brightness of the light generated. In this case, you first need to determine for what purpose the lamp is purchased. If it is for work, it is better to buy a lighter one to perfectly illuminate the workplace. And for decorating a child’s room, you can choose soft colors.

Lamp style. Consider age-specific features. What you like may not always appeal to a 10-year-old. Therefore, before choosing a table lamp for a student, ask his opinion.

Technical parameters of the model. Too yellow or even orange light promotes relaxation, calms, “tends to sleep.” On the other hand, blue is “tricking” the body, since it is the middle of the day, so a child doing his homework in the evening may have trouble sleeping later

Workmanship (do not buy lamps of an unknown or unverified manufacturer, they can fail quickly enough).

For children, the best lamps are those that take the form of a volumetric prism. They must be wide at the limits, narrow at the base. In this case, the rays are scattered and do not tire the eyes.

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