How To Get Rid Of Tarantula Hawks Wasps

The tarantula hawk wasps are one of the most painful stings of all wasps’ species. They live just about anywhere, from Africa to South Asia, India, Australia, and the United States. The native species are 4 cm long, which makes them the biggest wasps. They have black and blue bodies. Their wings are bright in color. However, some of the species have black wings with blue dots.

The female hunts tarantulas, she will sting and paralyze tarantula, dragging it into a hole where she lays a single egg on its abdomen. She will then move on after covering the entrance. The egg hatch and the larvae will feed on the live spider however, the spider is paralyzed until it becomes an adult wasp.

These insects have powerful and painful stings, which make them potential predators.  They have long legs with hooked claws. They can grasp their victims with their hooked claws. Getting rid of the tarantula hawks is just as getting rid of other wasps. You can contact bug exterminators near Greensboro NC or use these tips to get rid of them.

Insecticide dust: apply insecticide dust at the entrance of the nest in the ground. Use moist soil to cover the opening quickly, preventing wasps from escaping. Make sure you wait for one to two days for all wasps to die before digging the nest out and dispose of it. Another way to get rid of in-ground nests is to pour fuel in the entrance and cover with a wet towel. The fumes will kill the wasp inside, dig it up and dispose of it.

Use protective clothing: this clothing consists of thick fabrics, boots, gloves, a veil to protect your face and a hat. Do not try to kill the tarantula hawk wasp at night but only the day, as this is when they are inactive and in their nest. Know the location of the nest during the day hours so you can gather the appropriate supplies. However, do ensure to gather all your supplies beforehand so that you are ready and not looking for something when swarms of angry wasps are not after you.

Make a trap: make your own tarantula hawk wasps at home; this is free from any chemical. You can start first by cutting out the top of the liter bottle. Now you have to turn it vertically without the cap.   step put it in the container which has a shape of a funnel.  Fill up the trap halfway to the opening of the bottle with a soda of citrus flavor. It is time to drop some of the dish soap. Put the trap near the nest and see as the wasps are drawing close to the sugariness of the soda.

Use resmethrin and dust: this method is to deal with hanging nests; you have to find the nest in the day. In the evening, you have to spray the hanging nest with the resmethrin. When you are done with that, dust resmethrin along with the insecticide dust like the Sevin dust, covers the entrance of the nest with steel wool. However, you should put insecticide dust on the steel wool first. Wait for a few days to ensure that all returning wasps are killed. Ensure you dispose of the nest.


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