Is it too late to adapt Dust Suppression techniques?

Dust can harm Human health if it is not controlled. As per a World Health Organization report, street dust contamination has brought about  countless respiratory illness (COPD), lung malignancy, and now and then even heart attacks.

Everywhere throughout the world, around 5 million individuals were influenced legitimately or in a roundabout way because of street dust contamination in 2018. Dust pollution adds to the air contamination in huge manners in nations with mining and construction industries running rampant.

It is along these lines prompted that people have a dust-free condition with the goal that they can have a better living.

Dust suppression technologies are methods which stops or slows down the process of dust particles getting dispersed into the air.

What factors influencing dust formation

Dust is a problem for small stoned or unpaved streets that is practically unavoidable. The dust particles produced by a rock street is based on different factors. The problem of residue in regions where there is a lot of stickiness and fog is extremely limited. The explanation behind this, the fog or stickiness settles the unpaved street residue, and this is not blowing. The recurrence of the wind and the strength of the breeze often increase the dust issues.

Application of Dust suppression techniques in Industries:

  • Heavy Equipment & Manufacturing Industries
  • Metal production Industry
  • Coal & Mining Industry
  • Agricultural Industry

Types of Dust Suppression Methods


  1. Dry collection: dry collection is a persuasive dust accumulation technique but is not usually used in view of the fact that this method includes the heavy dust collection equipment. This requires the use of sacks that deliver channels of texture. For legal move, these packages are much the same as the home vacuum cleaners and the surface channels are vacuum powder.
  2. Wet Suppression: the normal and widely used framework for dust suppression is the use of water that includes street water sparys for dust concealment. In addition, a few companies are using additives or surfactants to enhance their execution.
  • It guarantees Human wellbeing Safety
  • It gives a superior and feasible workplace.
  • Reduces the danger of harming important types of gear and machines
  • Reduces the danger of vegetation and agricultural produce getting damaged.

Many reasons like Increased and unmonitored industrialization, weak government policies, lack of awareness among the common people has resulted in Dust pollution becoming an economical and ecological problem. We need to adapt to the most advanced Dust Suppression strategies to control dust pollution before it’s past the point of no return.


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