Know The Difference Between The Security Door And Armored Door

Many customers come to us without knowing the difference between the armored and armored doors. In this article, we will try to answer, in a simple way, to this so frequent doubt that sometimes it can lead us not to choose the most appropriate option.

For this, we will take into account the most important points that provide security to any door: the frame or fence, the door leaf, the hinges, the cylinders and locks, and of course, the type of key.

Door frame

The first major difference between armored and armored door is the material from which the frame or fence is made.

While in the armored doors, the frame is made of wood, it is made of steel in the vaults. This clear weakness in the frame of the armored doors facilitates that the thief can leverage the door, pushing back the bolts that are housed in the frame, and leaving the door only closed by the slip and at the mercy of being opened with simple radiography.

The Lock And Bolts

Sometimes a large number of locks can make us believe that a door is very secure, but what really matters is not the number of locks or locks that a door has but that these locks are independent of each other. Otherwise, it will be enough for the thief to leverage one of the bolts so that everyone goes back.

The armored doors also carry other elements that protect the lock and those that usually suffer from armored doors. We refer to self-locking locks and flared shields.

Cylinders and keys

The bulb or cylinder is one of the most important points in the security of the door. We can have a first-level security door which is know as  Security Doors Newcastle but if the cylinder is of poor quality, it will not help.

There are several manufacturers of doors that do not pay due attention to this element, and it becomes the weak point of our home. Bumping, hooking, drilling, magic key, copies of 3D keys, copies of keys in hardware, and others are the threats that fall on our cylinder and, therefore, our home, in U-Neek Security Doors we are specialists, and we will advise you without compromise on the final options these.

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