Myths people have about Kitchen Countertops

There are various myths heard about countertops such as to maintain countertops you require sealing from time to time. Hence, it is required to make the customers understand that all these are misconceptions. Below we have listed the most common misconceptions regarding kitchen countertops.

All brands are of the same kind

This is not true. Each countertop surface is manufactured in different ways by different companies. Also, the material is sourced from different locations. For instance, the marble quality varies from country to country. Carrara marble is from Italy. From any other region, it will not be considered as genuine material. You may find that the fake ones rust easily. Similarly, how the stone is cut also matters. Italy is an expert in marble cutting and finishing.

Marble shipping is also not done in the same manner by all companies. Marbles that come cheap are not shipped with proper care.

High Maintenance

People say it is hard to maintain countertops. You need so much cleaning and seal them again and again.

But this is false. It is easy to clean countertops. You can clean most of the surface using dish soap, a sponge dipped in warm water and a soft cloth. You should avoid using vinegar or bleach as it can break the sealant and make the surface look dull.

You can consult experts in case some exceptional maintenance is required.

Installation is Expensive – The cost of installation depends upon what kind of stone you have selected. Also, it is dependent upon the design and color. For instance, you may find quartz cheaper in comparison to granite. You get many options matching with your budgets such as granite, marble and quartz countertops. They are high-quality countertops with a good return on investment.

Avoid trendy countertops

Customers have a myth that following a trending countertop is not the right strategy. It is not true because trends may last long or stay for a short period. It is all dependent upon your needs. You can stick to the requirement and follow the trend. Even if you have planned to sell your home after some time, you can still choose the trendy countertop. This can add value to your kitchen. Granite and marble countertops are always in trend.

 Heat Resistant countertops are preferred

Yes, they are good to go for but still, you have the option to use a trivet or a potholder. It can help in preventing heat to transfer from any hot pan. Also, your countertop will not get damaged.

Although there are certain surfaces which have heat resistant feature, you still should protect the countertop. You can for granite countertops which are highly heat resistant.

Bacteria in the countertops –

This is a myth because it is difficult for bacteria to penetrate the surface of countertops.

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