Need to protect your floor from work you are doing

When you are renovating or constructing your house, it is essential to protect your floor. Some of the products being used might lead to corrosion, which will ruin your floor. This will be expensive as you will then have to renovate the floor. Some people think that once they have moved into a house, they cannot renovate it as the floors will be destroyed. Fortunately, you can simply cover the floors and renovate your house, learn more.

Also, it is important to protect your floors when any construction is going on at your house. You should protect all kinds of floors, such as wood, tiles, carpets, or any other hard surface. It is important to know the type of floor in your house because some floor protection products work best for a specific floor type. The primary types of floor protection products are Masonite, ram board, and plastic.

Masonite Floor Protection
Masonite is a highly durable floor protection product in the market. If you are using heavy machines during the renovation or construction, then you should get the Masonite. Also, if you have wood or tile floor type, Masonite floor protection is the best option. However, it is flexible, and thus, you can also use it to protect your carpet.

The products are developed from recycled wood materials, and thus, they are environmentally friendly. Masonite floor protection products are affordable. If you are moving furniture, painting walls, or bringing new electronics to the kitchen, then you should use the Masonite floor protection.

Ram Board Products
Ram board products have been used for years to protect floors when work is being done in the house. The products include Ram board painter’s board, Ram board, Ram board plus, and home edition. Ram board painter’s board is made of materials which absorb any spills of paint and thus preventing them from reaching the floor.

The Ram board is heavy and therefore prevents your floor from incurring scratches caused when moving furniture or the renovation machines. The Ram board plus is pre-taped, which means installing it is easier. It is a good floor protection option for almost all floor types. The home edition is a Ram board product which has pre-made rolls. You can easily roll it on the floor during installation. It protects the floor from getting stains which are caused by the renovation process.

Plastic Floor Covering
The plastic floor covering is gaining popularity. It is mostly used to cover carpets floors during renovation but can also be used on other types of floors. Once the plastic film has been fully laid on your floor, you can be guaranteed that no stains will be encountered. The hard-plastic floor covering is heavy and are used on hard floors such as tiles, marble, vinyl, or wood.

Some plastic floor such as sticky and runner mats require no intense installation as they easily fit on the floor. They will protect your floor from dust or water used during renovation. When you don’t protect your floors during renovation or construction, you will end up using a lot of money to clean the floor. It is essential to protect your floor when you are doing any work in your house or office.


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