Protect your furniture from your cat’s claws

As human as their mannerisms can be sometimes, cats do have some animalistic urges. That wild side can show in how they scratch furniture which is really meant to be a way to reinforce their territory. However, that probably doesn’t help when you’re despairing over your once lovely sofa. So, what can you do to curb it?

Give them something to scratch

The urge to scratch their territory isn’t an easy one to get rid of. However, giving them something they will adore the feeling of scratching can take their attention away from the furniture. That’s precisely what scratching posts and mats are for. Make sure you position it well, especially if it’s close where they tend to nap. Don’t forget to give them a treat when they scratch in the right place.

Make sure their needs are cared for

Though mostly their scratching is a way of marking their territory, it’s not impossible that your cat might be trying to get your attention if they learn that scratching is a good way to do it. If you haven’t been around, this neediness can be a sign of separation anxiety or boredom, which some interactive toys can help. Making sure they have a steady supply of Barking Heads cat food will ensure they don’t start scratching when they’re hungry. If they’re consistently acting out and trying to get your attention, they may actually be trying to indicate something is wrong, so a trip to the vet might be in order.

Spray some citrus on it

Simply put, cats hate citrus. Spraying some lemon or orange scented water on the couch can make sure the cat wants nowhere near it. As an added bonus, your furniture is going to smell delicious, too. It’s best to combine this having a non-sprayed scratch post or mat nearby.

Take care of their nails

We’re not suggesting declawing, to be upfront. Most cat owners consider that an inhumane and dangerous approach. However, trimming your cat’s nails is certainly not harmful and, while it might not prevent them from clawing, it does limit the damage they can do. Nail caps for their claws, when applied safely by your vet, can soften that edge as well. Plus, it looks like they’re wearing colourful acrylics, which is always pretty funny, too.

Use furniture-safe tape

Citrus fruits aren’t the only deterrent that will take all the fun out of scratching your furniture. There’s tape that you can buy that sticks to the furniture and has another sticky end facing out. It won’t cause harm to either the cat or the furniture, but they will hate the stickiness when they try and claw at it and give up on it pretty quickly in most cases. You might not like the aesthetic of having your sofa covered up in sticky tape, however, so this is a slightly less popular solution.

The desire to scratch is a natural one and getting angry at your cat isn’t going to do much good for anyone. Instead, take a more practical approach and follow the tips above.

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