Rugs Or Carpets? How To Use Them In A Comprehensive Reform 

Adding a alfombras para sala would otherwise be very austere is a simple and practical way to give it personality. Only this would be enough to use a carpet or rug in a decoration project after an integral reform, but there are other equally interesting reasons to include these dynamic and varied textile elements. We can even say that a carpet makes the interior design of a space feel complete, as it helps to link all the pieces and elements included in a given room. A carpet serves to bind a room, define it, add warmth, or highlight the layers that constitute the decoration of that area.

Use Carpets To Define A Space

A carpet is an excellent way to define a separate area within a large or open space. For example, in a loft-type apartment or a house with a living-dining room, a carpet can determine how far the rest space that corresponds to the living room reaches, or there are even those who decide to use them to determine the area that corresponds to the living room or dining room. This type of use for a carpet or rug is particularly useful in studio or loft floors where there are no dividing walls that mark how far one area reaches and where another begins. But even in a large bedroom, a carpet can mark the seating area and a separate space for closets and dressing rooms.

Carpets As An Element Of Variety

An alfombras para uso rudo or a large rug can also be an element that breaks the monotony and brings decorative diversity into space. By using this textile item in a dynamic way, for example, by combining two different carpets in a single room, a very interesting aesthetic impact is achieved. Of course, to use two carpets, you have to pay attention to the following detail: using two carpets of the same dimensions can create a feeling of “cutting” the room in two.

Carpets Generating Harmonic Spaces

Again we start from the idea that in a large room that has a piso rompecabezas we will use more than one carpet, it is evident that we will have to choose two that complement each other in style, design or print. It is even interesting to choose two materials that offer complementary tactile sensations. Contrast is not always negative if we are careful to choose intelligently and elegantly: color, for example, is an excellent way to create harmony while playing with contrasts.

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