Safe and secure storage service in Sydney

Suppose you are moving into Sydney but cannot take the delivery of your furniture and other goods for some time. You need temporary storage for your household furniture and other items due to renovation. In that case, you need to opt for a short-term storage service offered by a good removalist. In case you are moving overseas or interstate but can neither take your furniture and household belongings with you nor sell them. Long-term storage is needed, and you have to enlist the long-term storage service of a removalist.

Nuss offers both long and short-term storage services in its highly secure warehouses in Sydney. Round-the-clock monitoring and other high-security standards ensure that the goods are kept safe at all times. Discover Nuss Removals Furniture Storage services for safe, cost effective storage.

What is the process?

An assessment of the volume and types of goods to be moved and stored is carried outto determine the types of packing materials used and the number of containers required for the job. The inspection is carried out right at the home of the client. The professional packers use high-grade packing materials to pack furniture items and other kinds of belongings. Valuable items such as artworks and antique pieces along with fragile items can also be stored securely.

The packed goods are placed inside wooden or steel storage containers. The containers are delivered to the client’s house in specialized vehicles. The items are tagged and labeled before loading inside the containers. The containers are also numbered. An inventory list is created to easily locate the items at the time of retrieval. The containers carrying the items are delivered to the warehouse through specialized vehicles and put in designated places.

Retrieval is easy as a breeze. The client doesn’t need to visit the warehouse to collect his/her belongings. The containers are located with the help of an inventory list and transported directly to the client’s address. Unpacking service is also offered at the client’s residence after removal from the storage containers.

Security of storage facilities

Nussmonitors its storage facilities 24/7 with the help of CCTVs. Public access is prohibited inside the warehouses to ensure that the security of stored goods is never compromised. The storage units protect the goods against mold and mildew. The warehouses are sealed against dust and dirt and well protected against water damage and environmental elements. The warehouses are also kept free of pests and vermins.

Cost of storage

Nuss offers rates based on short and long-term arrangements. Instead of charging based on several containers, Nuss gives the facility of paying based on the containers’ per cubic meter space. Thus, the amount to be paid by the client depends upon the amount of storage space needed and the period of storage.

Nuss’s removals consultant discusses the storage options with the client and gives the best price quote.

Storage insurance

Even though the goods are provided complete security, mishaps can happen on rare occasions. To mitigate this risk, Nuss offers storage insurance for the goods stored in its warehouses. The company has arrangements with various insurers. Opting for storage insurance is not compulsory, and it is up to the clients to get insurance coverage or not.


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