Secure your homes with window locks

Window locks are a device that is used to lock windows. However, the use of window locks is not limited till closing of windows. They are also used to help prevent entry of burglars in the house. The type of lock that should be used depends on the type of windows and doors. The right combination of locks and doors or windows increases the effectiveness of the locks. The locks prevent your doors and windows from opening easily. The favourite route of burglars for invading a premise is doors and windows. Hence, protection of these entry points becomes more important. To get more details on window locks refer

Different types of windows

  • Double hung windows: These are traditional windows and are the most common type of windows. These windows have a sash that opens from the bottom. Some double hung windows even open from the top.
  • Sliding windows: These windows open when you slide them. They move from one side to another for opening and closing. This is one of the modern types of window. Traditional locks cannot be used for such windows.
  • Casement window: Casement windows are the safest type of windows. They open with the use of hand crank. The locks used for securing casement windows limit the distance to which the window will open.

Type of window locks

  • Sash window locks: It is the traditional style lock that is used to keep double hung windows from opening. You just have to turn the fastener a half-circle to lock the window.
  • Window latches: Window latches are the modern style of locks. Vinyl windows generally have these type of locks. You need to turn the latch into the catch for locking the window.
  • Key window locks: These locks provide the most efficient security. These locks can be used for single-hung, sliding as well as double-hung windows. It needs a key to open the window.

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