Security Camera Installation Mistakes That May Jeopardize Your Security

Installing a security camera is the most effective way to make your home unattractive for intruders and keep your property safe. The good thing is that today, there are many easy to install surveillance cameras available. Unfortunately, most of us make installation mistakes that make the cameras ineffective in protecting us. And while some errors may look small, they can jeopardize your security.

To help you install your CCTV better next time, here is an overview of some of the security camera installation mistakes that may jeopardize your security.

  1. Failure To Weather Proof Your Connections

All security cameras installed outdoors must be able to withstand erratic weather conditions.  Even so, you must ensure your connection is weatherproof. Weatherproofing your connections means pushing your Ethernet cables through a protective grommet before plugging the wire in the camera. This ensures that the cable connections do not come into contact with moisture, causing rust and short-circuiting.

  1. Poor Positioning Of The Camera

A common mistake that some homeowners make when installing security cameras is poor positioning. If you don’t position your camera well, you create an inefficient field of view. Because of this, the camera will not capture maximum footage through its lens. Most times, the camera will capture the horizon and you miss the important footage of what is below the camera.

For indoor installations, it is recommended to position your camera such that the top of your footage is the doorway. And if it is installed outdoors, the sky should not appear on the screen.

  1. Installing Low-Quality Systems

One camera installation mistake people make is installing any security camera they come across. There are many security cameras available in the market, and not all are the same.

There are cheap low-quality cameras that have poor resolutions. Some do not have night vision while others lack recording capabilities. Don’t just purchase any security camera. Go for the top quality cameras that offer all the features you want.  This way, you won’t put the security of your property in jeopardy.

  1. Failing to password-protect your CCTV Wireless Network

Security systems that are connected to the internet are very efficient, especially when you are away from your property.  Essentially, such systems come with a preset password. So, the problem comes in when you forget to set a password that you will use to access the feeds remotely. Failing to change the password can allow criminals to access your system, which poses a security threat.

  1. Using A Small Recorder

When installing a surveillance camera, you must consider its video storage capacity. If you use a small recorder, the camera may fail to record and store enough videos.

Also, some technicians end up wasting hard drive space of an already small hard drive. This is because they leave the camera to record anything and everything, including dead space. It is advisable to set your camera so that it can start recording only when it detects motion. This way, it will only record moving objects and therefore save on space.

The security of your property is essential, and it starts by adequately installing your security cameras. The above list should help you prevent some of the most common security camera installation mistakes for a safe home.

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