Should I Buy Mobile Home Parks

Mobile park homes have a lot of potentials to be one of the most profitable businesses in recent years. It has some essential benefits that anyone should not miss. But often, the Mobile Home Parks in Michigan get overlooked by real estate investors. If you are convinced about buying a MHP but still confused, read the article till its end to know the benefits of investing in an MHP. 

Low Cost Per Unit

Single-family homes and large multi-families properties costs are higher than moniker home properties. Investing in an MHP allows you to acquire more units for less money. In most cases, the owners only have ownership of their land rather than the asset on the same ground. In that case, your investment cost will be less when compared with owning the number of units. 

Less Maintenance Cost

In the Mobile Home Parks in Michigan, the landlord is only responsible for paying for the maintenance of the land rather than the physical structures. The landlord will be responsible for maintaining the grass, shovelling snow, removing garbage, etc. But in case of plumbing issues, electricity issues, or anything else, the tenants need to pay to fix it. 

Lower Risk

Owning an MHP, you will have low risk upon your land. The higher the number of homes will be there, the cost of maintenance and eviction will be spread to the tenants. For example, when you have five tenants on your land, you will be responsible for a 20% loss if one tenant leaves. But when you have 20 tenants, you will be responsible for only 2% of the loss if one goes. 

Multiple Sources Of Income

In multifamily buildings, you can only earn from rent. But In the MHP, you can get various income ways. You can make it by renting out your space or buying several home units and letting them be on rent. You can rent it out as garage space or any lease contract if there is extra space. There are multiple ways to generate income through MHPs. 


Nowadays, there is a rising demand for mobile homes throughout the world. People find it more beneficial to buy Mobile Home Parks in Michigan. Before you purchase it, make sure to follow all the protocols provided by the government. To know details about MHPs, you can come to your site. We will counsel you in the best possible way. 


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