The Importance Of Gutter Cleaning And Replacement

The gutters on your home are important and can help to prevent damage to the rest of your home. However, a surprising number of homeowners don’t bother cleaning or replacing their gutters. And not doing so can lead to costly problems in the future.

Most gutters need to be replaced about every 20 years, although if you maintain them properly they can last even longer. Of course, if your gutters are visibly cracked or leaking, it’s probably time for gutter replacement, or at least some repairs. Mildew in your gutters, peeling paintwork or rainwater flowing down the walls of your house are also signs that your gutters need attention. Expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,500 for complete gutter replacement, depending on the amount of guttering you need and the material. Vinyl gutters will cost you less to install than aluminum or galvanized gutters.

Even if your gutters don’t need to be replaced or repaired, it may be time to give them a good clean and get rid of any blockages. Cleaning your gutters is a lot less expensive than replacing them, and it’s also a task that’s fairly easy to do yourself. Cleaning your gutters should cost anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on the size of your home. And having your gutters cleaned at least twice a year is recommended by most experts. However, if you have trees overhanging your property or you suspect your gutters just aren’t doing their job, more frequent cleaning may be required.

But just why is it so important to keep your gutters maintained and to replace them as and when needed? Your gutters do an important job, although as mentioned, it’s all too easy to neglect them especially when reaching them can be a challenge. A gutter that’s blocked with leaves and other debris can seem quite inviting to spiders, rats, squirrels and various other nesting pests that you probably don’t want in or on your home. If pests are attracted to the leaves in your gutter, not only can they potentially damage your home or enter the attic through the roof, but it can also be costly to get rid of them.

A gutter that’s blocked also means that the water won’t flow down the downspouts as intended; it isn’t uncommon to see water literally flowing down the sides of your home if your gutters just can’t cope with the water. Of course, it’s unsightly to have water flowing down the sides of your home, as it can stain the exterior which then results in more potential expense. That water can also seep into your home through cracks, and can even damage your home’s foundation if the ground around your home becomes too waterlogged.

The importance of keeping gutters unclogged, maintaining them and carrying out gutter replacement is something all homeowners should be aware of. It’s relatively affordable and easy to have your gutters checked a couple of times a year, and doing so can delay the cost of gutter replacement for years.

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