The Right Ways if Doing Carpet Cleaning

Carpet affects your health both directly and indirectly. Hence, it is utmost necessary to get your carpet cleaned. However, getting the right kind of cleaning is more important. If you too are planning to get your carpet cleaned, here are few types, you should know about before proceeding.

  1. Steam extraction cleaning

This technique is apt for highly crowded families or has children or pets at home. The process involves cleaning with controlled pressure, extremely hot water and gentle cleaning agent (children and pet-friendly) are used for the cleaning purpose, the carpet is allowed to dry overnight.

  1. Low/moisture or dry cleaning

Also known as encapsulation, this technique uses a machine agitator that releases dry foam for carpet cleaning. This foam encapsulates dirt, microbes, debris, spills, bugs etc to the surface and crystallises them before removing it by simple vacuuming.

However, the technique cannot provide complete cleaning due to its technical limitations.

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  1. Tru Dri cleaning

This is a greener process and entirely dry from start to end. In this technique, a custom agitator is used with natural plant-based cleaning extract. It is the safest method and provides instantly cleaned carpets.

  1. Carpet shampooing

This method was used for cleaning heavily soiled carpets became less popular due to its disadvantages and introduction of the encapsulation technique. The biggest disadvantage of the process was high amount of wet foam residues that is left behind on the carpet that caused long drying hours. The carpet also becomes sticky after drying because rinsing is not done after shampooing. This further leads to quick re-soiling of carpet.

  1. Bonnet cleaning

This method focuses mainly on cleaning of the surface of the carpet. The process involves the use of heavy motor machines having spinning pads that are dissolved in the cleansing liquid. These pads absorb the dirt from the surface of the carpet. The biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t do a complete cleaning of the carpet that leads to fast re-soiling and many health complications.


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