Top 4 Tiles for Flooring

If you are a prospective homeowner looking for floor tiling solutions in the market, you are most likely to be overwhelmed seeing the various kinds of tiles available in the market. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most trending, while there are many other less popular solutions as well, including stone tiles, cement tiles, and metal tiles to name a few. To make your decision-making even more confusing, there’s a fact that not every kind of tile works for every project. Moreover, you need to consider your budget as well. Before venturing into the market to find the right solution, read through this article to understand what type of flooring solutions are available and what would suit your project.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for homes due to its suitability for several applications. Their increased durability make them apt for use in bathroom, kitchens, and even entryways. Further, they are easy to install, maintain, cost effective, and are available in many styles and designs. Check out the innumerable innovative styles of ceramic tiles at Ceramique au Sommet.

Porcelain Tiles      

This is another trending kind of tile, the appeal of which comes from its ability to imitate wood, brick or natural stone. You can benefit from a similar elegant finish without the drawbacks of weathering or high maintenance. Being an all-purpose tiling solution, ceramic tiles are available in vast range of colors, styles, and designs, thus ensuring versatility in designing. These tiles can also be used outdoors as they don’t crack, fade or freeze. Its general applications include kitchen, bathroom, and other high-traffic areas.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is a good alternative for natural stone, offering a minimalistic and clean aesthetic. Maintenance is also easy as it can be easily wiped up to clean any kind of stains without permanent staining. However, these tiles chip away with ease along the edges. This makes it a less preferred solution in high-traffic areas like bathroom and kitchen floors. However, they can be used as a backsplash, around the fireplace and on desks or tabletops.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are perfect for adding a touch of refinement and elegance to every room. However, it’s expensive, which makes it a let-down if you are on a strict budget. It also needs heavy maintenance to ensure that it looks pristine for many years. Further, it’s susceptible to stains, etching, and scratches. Considering these, it’s best suitable for low-traffic areas.

Whether you are planning for a future or immediate project, these are the common types of tiles. Find out which one of these best suits your requirements.

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