Types of Electrician Jobs

If you are considering working as an electrician there are three different jobs that you can choose from:

  • Working for an electrical contractor
  • Self employed
  • Teaching

This field is considered skills trades, which means that in order to work in this field you need to have a combination of experience working with electrical wiring and education.  You will also need to have a license, which is managed by the government of the state in which you reside.  To get this license there are strict regulations that you have to meet.

Working for an electrical contractor

When working for an electrician in Lakewood contractor it is a job that will give you more stability than working for yourself.  This is also a way in which to start a good career in this field.  Make sure that the contractor is established as they will usually have a business relationship with renovation firms, builders, and construction companies.  These all work together to coordinate activities on a large project between the different trades.  You will be insured that you have work and do not have to go out looking for it.  You also do not have the overhead and expenses of being self-employed.

Self employed

Being a self employed electrician or commercial electrician in Jackson is one of the more common source of electrician jobs.  Once you have your license you can open your own business.  You will also have a choice of what services your company wants to offer ranging from commercial to residential.  When working as a self employed electrician you would specialize in either one but not both.  It is also a bit more expensive and time consuming to be a self employed electrician as you have to have a building/office from which to work, hire staff to man the office, someone to work for you, and so much more.  You also have to work on building up a customer list.


If you like to teach then becoming an instructor at a career or local college is another option.  You would need a teaching degree in the electrical field and you can teach courses in reading electrical schematics, basic wiring, managerial skills, and so much more.  Some that teach will offer a class in electrical safety for factory staff, building contractors, construction workers, and hobbyists.

It is important that whichever plan of action you decide to take is that you are satisfied with your job and what you are doing.  Being a skilled electrician, self employed or working for an electrical contractor is very essential to any renovation or construction project.  There are also a variety of opportunities to advance your career to such positions as project manager.



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