What are the common issues associated with the HVAC system

What are the common issues associated with the HVAC system?

The repair and servicing of an HVAC unit can be pricey. Hence, it is important to schedule occasional maintenance and tune-ups with trained AC technicians to have the best air conditioner performance. As well, it is vital to know about the common problems with AC units so that you can take precautionary measures for preventing big repairs.

Here is a list of common AC problems

  1. Frozen coils

Your AC’s evaporator coil is full of refrigerant and is liable for soaking up the heat from the air like a sponge. It might sound counter-intuitive. However, those coils require warm air flowing around them to function accurately. As something goes wrong with the air circulation and the evaporator coil turns frozen, a coating of ice can accumulate on the exterior.  While that happens, you will receive warm air or nothing coming from your AC supply registers.

  1. Leaking ducts

The ductwork that runs via your ceilings and walls holds the cold air from the AC unit all through your room. But, if you find openings or breaks within the ducts (caused by rodents, or careless workers) that pricey cold air winds up in the walls where it is not doing a great job. Also, this situation leads to your AC operating harder and driving up your electricity bills.

  1. Thermostat issues

Particularly if you still have outdated dial-type thermostats, they could be wrongly adjusted, meaning your AC is not getting the correct directions from the control system. This issue is pretty simple to repair by changing or readjusting your thermostats. If you possess a programmable thermostat, at times these are difficult to program and they might be set wrongly.

  1. Fan issues

Inside an HVAC unit, there is a fan which blows indoor air over your system’s evaporator coil for cooling the air, and one more that blows air over the exterior system’s condenser for expelling the soaked up heat out of the premises. If either of those fans is not working appropriately (because of defective motor, lack of lubrication, or worn belts or excess dust and debris), you may end up with insufficient airflow and AC problems. If you ignore the issue, it might cause compressor breakdown, which is often a death sentence for your AC unit.

Learn the simple preventive measures for avoiding air conditioner issues, or contact the top AC repair and maintenance contractors in your area.

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