What are the Different Types of Doors Most Suitable for Homes?

There are a different variety of doors available in the market either readily available from the local carpenters or from the big manufacturers to choose the suitable one for your home. Each type of door has its own speciality in terms of types, styles, designs etc. and its own benefits and demerits. In order to choose the right door to install, you need to know the types of door that would suit your home as well as its numerous pros and cons. Get in touch with The Home Zone in order to choose the best door that will exactly suit your house and fulfil your expectations.

You can get numerous of types of doors in the market namely timber or wooden doors, battened and ledged doors, framed and panelled doors, flush doors, glass doors, steel doors, PVC doors, fibreglass doors, fibre reinforced plastic doors, aluminium doors, bamboo-jute composite doors, etc. 

The flush doors are the smoothest doors that are made out of plywood or fibreboard fixed on comparatively light timber frames. The hollow core that is created in the flush doors is usually filled with cardboard materials. The flush doors are mostly installed in the interior of the houses and seldom used in the exteriors. The frames of flush doors are often made out of wood as well as steel that can withstand and hold the weight of flush doors. The flush doors are normally hinged on one side and open the door through one direction only. The flush doors are normally used because they are economically affordable, durable and pleasing appearance. Most flush doors which are installed in the bathroom or kitchen have aluminium sheets covered in the inner face of the door to give protection from water.

The glass doors are increasingly popular nowadays among the homeowners. The glass doors and windows generally come basically for the purpose of panelling but also come for the doors too. Normally the entire glass doors are installed at the backside of the house in order to get an unobstructed view of the backyard or garden.

If you install glass doors at the front of your house it genuinely looks splendid, but you must take care of your privacy and durability of the glass door. Duly cut glass panels and set into wooden frames are often installed as the front door which looks gorgeous but they are expensive and need regular maintenance. 


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