What are the Different Types of Exterior Window Shutters Available in the Market?

There are basically four types of exterior window shutters available in the market namely louvered exterior window shutters, panelled exterior widow shutters, board and batten exterior window shutters which are often called as BnB, and Bermuda exterior window shutters. All the four types of exterior window shutters are made of various types of materials such as vinyl, MDF or medium density fibre, synthetic foam, faux wood, and wood. Among all the materials used in making exterior window shutters, the basswood is the most preferred and popular material for making exterior window shutters. Get in touch with Store Urbain in order to avail the best exterior window shutter which is made out of the popular basswood as well as other materials used for making exterior window shutters.

The raised panel shutters normally have similar look with the kitchen and door cabinets with a double or single raised panel and blend better with any style of houses because of their lower profile. The raised panel shutters are best for homes that have Victorian style, federal and Georgian style, federal and cape cord style, colonial and ranch style, Greek revival style and French country style.

The louvered exterior window shutters come with angled slats which eventually allows light and air into the room. These types of shutters are considered to have a more defined look in comparison to other low-key panel shutters and are more suitable for houses which are classical, ornate and casual in their appearance. The louvered exterior window shutters are considered best for houses which have Victorian and Georgian style, Italianate and cape cord style, federal and colonial style, Greek revival and ranch style.

The BnB or board and batten exterior window shuttersusually have the characteristics of the rustic and old world but they are constructed with simple style. Because of their these characteristics, the BnB shutters suit well with Mediterranean and French country style, and cape cord and ranch style houses. The Bermuda shutters which are also known as Bahama shutters are in fact louvered shutters which are usually fixed at the top side of the window in comparison to other types of shutters which are fixed at the side of the windows. The Bahama shutters are known for their characteristics of protecting the house from storms besides letting the air and light into the room. These types of shutters are more seen in tropical regions and are best considered for houses which have cape cord and ranch stylesas well as cottage style.

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