What Everyone Needs to Wear Before They Enter a Home with Mold Damage

Once it seemed that no one was ever concerned with a bit of mold in their house. Many people actually did have mold growing somewhere in their home and paid no attention to it.Occasionally, someone might crouch down and clean it up with a bit of bleach if they felt like it. It is truly amazing that no one knew the dangers of substances like black mold in the past, but everyone does now and the first thing that anyone should know about entering a house or building with mold problems is to be very, very cautious.

The other thing to remember about entering a home with mold is not to, if they can help it! There are circumstances where this can’t be avoided, but it really is true that the best way of getting rid of mold is to hire a mold remediation company to come in and remove it, themselves. There are sometimes, though, when people have no choice but to do mold remediation themselves. Here are the basics on what to wear when doing this:

Wear a respirator. This is the most important thing to have before entering a home or building that has mold damage. Mold spreads by spores that float through the air and that is something that a person can inhale without proper protection. That’s why the FDA recommends that people wear an N-95 respirator or better. They are relatively inexpensive and can easily be bought online or at hardware stores.

Goggles are a must. People think that inhaling mold spores is the worst that can happen, but the eyes must be protected as well. Not only is there a danger from mold entering the eye, but mold cleanup involves working with a lot of harsh chemicals that can severely damage the eyes. As a result, it’s better to err on the side of caution and wear protective goggles.

Protective gloves. This might seem unnecessary, but cleaning with chemicals means protecting the hands, as well. Even if someone isn’t cleaning at all, it’s still better to wear gloves as mold could get on the hands while in the affected house. If it does, it’s something that could be breathed in later.

Waterproof boots. This is especially important if entering a house or building that still has standing water anywhere. Even if it doesn’t, floors are still likely to be wet and it’s best to avoid any exposure to contaminated water. So, the boots are better to have than not.

A long-sleeved shirt and long pants. This is needed to avoid direct exposure of the skin to any dangerous substances that someone could be exposed to while cleaning. Because of the likely exposure to mold spores, it’s important to thoroughly wash these clothes in hot water after they’ve been worn.

It’s also important to keep in mind that children, the elderly, and those with asthma or weakened immune systems should never enter a house contaminated with mold.




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