Why do you need a whole house Water Softener System?

Hard water literally destroys your home in many ways, from crusts on faucets to make your dishes look dirty and has harsh effects on your hair and clothes.

As we all know that 70 percent of the Earth is covered with water but only 2.5 percent of it is freshwater and only about one percent is easily accessible for use. With the rapid growth in population, water available for consumption is going down and down.

What is hard water?

The hardness of water varies from place to place. The hardness of water depends upon its mineral content which is mostly magnesium and calcium. Some places have mildly hard water (below 120 PPM) which is safe to use, some places have hard water (between 120-180 PPM) which can be safe for drinking purpose but not for other purposes and some places have very hard water (above 180 PPM) which is not safe for anything.

Where did hard water come from?

Water used for consumption comes from two sources; surface water and groundwater. Surface water comes from rivers and lakes and has a low amount of mineral content as compared to groundwater. Groundwater comes from tube wells, bore wells, hand-pumps, etc and has a high level of impurities and mineral content.

Effects of hard water on our houses

Most of the houses these days rely on groundwater which damages their homes and sometimes had harmful effects on skin and hair. People living in areas where the only source of water is groundwater needs to install water purification systems or whole house water softener systems because high mineral content can cause skin allergies, hair fall, kidney stones, and can clog pipelines, damage geyser, and other appliances. So, they should use whole house water softener systems rather than just using a normal water purifier.

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